This morning we met with our Mayor, John Tregidga and a small number of councillors to make clear to John Tregidga that he did not speak for all locals when he criticised Eugenie Sage over the OceanaGold proposed land grab for another tailings dam. We are deeply concerned that such misguided support of the international mining company OceranaGold has biased the Mayor in favour of a one track solution for Waihi which will forever leave a toxic legacy and make the inevitable transition to a sustainable future that much harder.

We are also aware of the massive threat to Conservation land that runs from north of Waihi to Whangamata. OceanaGold are now applying for a mining permit covering this area, a beautiful bush clad area rich in unique species and a key part of the ecosystem protecting our waters. NZ Petroleum and Minerals have never shown restraint in the past when issuing permits and once issued it gives a momentum to the miners that is difficult to stop – so where is the governments commitment to stop new mines on conservation land????

HDC will be involved if a resource consent is needed for OceanaGold’s activities, so we made it clear today that the community needs meaningful consultation, no non-notified consents slipped through in the Christmas rush like with New Talisman.

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