Conservation land under threat in Karangahake

New Talisman Gold Mines has consent to start mining activities on conservation land in the Karangahake area

The Karangahake Gorge is listed as one of the top 14 tourist attractions by Tourism New Zealand and for good reason. The area boasts multitudes of walking tracks, swimming holes, running and riding trails and rock climbing amongst the beautiful backdrop of the Karangahake Mountain. It is the perfect spot for adventure or just a relaxing day out at one of the many picnic spots.
In 2014, New Talisman Gold Mines were granted a non-notified resource consent to bulk sample 20,000 cubic metres of ore per year from Mount Karangahake over a 2 year period.   In June 2017 they started prospecting and site preparation activities, and in October 2018 they have begun the bulk sampling phase.  New Talisman’s stated aim is to take this historical mine back into full production – but this community has other ideas.  Check out our blog posts, follow us on Facebook, or join up to get involved and receive regular email updates about what we are doing to stop the mining.
Don’t let this priceless conservation land be ruined for other people’s gold.

Pest Control to Begin on Mt Karangahake

DSC_1251A pest control programme is being developed for a narrow part of the ecological corridor that links the Kaimai Mamaku Forest Park with the Coromandel Ranges on Mt Karangahake. Traps will be used to kill rats, weasels, stoats, ferrets and possums. Protect Karangahake have been successful in receiving a grant from the Waikato Regional Council to purchase the first traps and rodent tracking tunnels. We have a Community Agreement with the Department of Conservation to carry out the pest control programme. Before we commence trapping, we would like to carry out a baseline vegetation survey at sites around the mountain this summer. This will allow us to monitor the success of the trapping programme as native seedlings begin to re-vegetate this sensitive ecological corridor.  We are looking for people with some knowledge of native plants to help carry out the vegetation survey. If you are able to help with the vegetation survey or wish to register your interest in being a volunteer with the trapping programme, please contact Rachel Sorley on 021 0253 1131

Open Letter: Honour the Commitment to Protect Coromandel Conservation Land from Mining

The open letter calling for Labour and the Greens to follow through on their commitment to extend Schedule 4, which we launched on Sunday, is now live and you can sign it here:


Please help maximise it’s impact by taking the time to sign it and share it with you’re friends.

For the last four years one of our goals has been to have the Karangahake Gorge included in Schedule 4, which would provide extra protection from mining.