Conservation land under threat in Karangahake

New Talisman Gold Mines has consent to start mining activities on conservation land in the Karangahake area

The Karangahake Gorge is listed as one of the top 14 tourist attractions by Tourism New Zealand and for good reason. The area boasts multitudes of walking tracks, swimming holes, running and riding trails and rock climbing amongst the beautiful backdrop of the Karangahake Mountain. It is the perfect spot for adventure or just a relaxing day out at one of the many picnic spots.
So don’t let this priceless conservation land be ruined for other people’s gold.
Help stop the mining.
Experiences in places like this make life awesome – mining not so much.


Put the 2nd of September in your diary – 2 dynamic events in one day:


WHEN: Saturday 2nd of September – 2 p.m.

WHERE: Meet at the Karangahake Hall carpark adjacent to the Karangahake ‘one-way’ bridge (i.e. Crown Hill Rd bridge) off State Highway 2

WHAT: In 2010, 40,000 people marched up Queen St to show their opposition to the government’s plan to open protected conservation land for mining; and it made a difference. We need you to show up again, this time on the Coromandel, and be counted amongst the numbers of people that care about the protection of this mountain and the conservation of ‘conservation’ land.

All the coastal and conservation lands of the Coromandel should be protected from mining under Schedule 4 – add your voice to the call!!


Be part of flyng our banner from the bridge, and creating a new banner to be used in a future action, signed by all present on the day. We will be inviting politcians to speak and take a stand for conservation land … there will be music, community, kai and connection … in one of the most beautiful parts of Aotearoa.

Concert to Save Karangahake Mountain

This Is Our Mountain 2


At the Refinery
5 Willoughby Street

Date: Saturday 2nd September

Doors open 7.30 p.m.

Price: $15

Green Gigs presents an evening’s entertainment filled with live music, speeches and presentations, featuring:
“Dylan Wade Band”
“The Utter Bastards”
“Murray Haddow”


An ‘after Rally’ party … to relax, have a drink, some good kai and dance to the beats of ‘The Dylan Wade Band’ and more. We are hoping to get our message out to more people in our community and celebrate the mahi thats been done so far … we may not be able to fit all 40,000 of you in, but theres a big park over the road if we get short of space!

Stay tuned for further information and SPREAD the WORD!!!