Concert to Save Karangahake Mountain

This Is Our Mountain 2


At the Refinery
5 Willoughby Street

Date: Saturday 2nd September

Doors open 7.30 p.m.

Price: $15

Green Gigs presents an evening’s entertainment filled with live music, speeches and presentations, featuring:
“Dylan Wade Band”
“The Utter Bastards”
“Murray Haddow”


An ‘after Rally’ party … to relax, have a drink, some good kai and dance to the beats of ‘The Dylan Wade Band’ and more. We are hoping to get our message out to more people in our community and celebrate the mahi thats been done so far … we may not be able to fit all 40,000 of you in, but theres a big park over the road if we get short of space!

Stay tuned for further information and SPREAD the WORD!!!