Linda Gilmore, 65, local business owner and grandmother has been arrested and charged for obstruction on Mount Karangahake on Monday.

Gilmore chained herself to the gate on Conservation Land in order to block the mining vehicles from getting to the mine site. Gilmore says she is frustrated that the new Government hasn’t put in place the policy they committed to which would protect this Conservation area.

“We’ve been waiting 9 months for the Government to follow through on their promise to extend Schedule 4 to our mountain.”

Meanwhile, Linda says the mining company’s contractors are degrading the track, which is also a popular DoC walking and cycling track.

“I love walking up the mountain and along the Dubbo track with my grandchildren, but the last thing I want to come across is a mining ute hurtling down towards us. Some parts of this track are really narrow and it’s simply unsafe having it used as a mine access route.”

Gilmore is calling on the Minister for the Environment, David Parker, to come through on his commitment to extend Schedule 4 across conservation land down to Te Aroha.

“I think that if Parker saw this place and how utterly inappropriate for mining it is, he would get on with the job,” said Gilmore.

Gilmore is part of local community group Protect Karangahake who are opposed to mining within the Karangahake Mountain. The group has been working to stop New Talisman mining activities on Mt Karangahake for 4 years.

The group’s spokesperson Duncan Shearer says getting the extension of Schedule 4 has been a priority for the group as it recognises the importance of preserving the area for conservation and recreation.

The group has launched an Open Letter on Actionstation for members of the public to join their call for the promise to extend Schedule 4 to be upheld.

Linda will be in Waihi court on the charge of Obstruction on Public Land on Monday 20th August 9am.

One thought on “Grandmother arrested and charged for obstruction

  1. Conservation lad should be for conservation and recreation not for mining. I whole heartedly support Linda and her efforts!!!


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