Locals and supporters from across the wider community came together last Sunday in the iconic Karangahake Gorge, Coromandel Peninsula, to protest the locking up of conservation estate and the locking out of the local people while destructive mineral exploration took place. We marched up into the heart of this native forest and gathered outside the locked gate, bearing witness to this scandal. Thank you to those that came at such short notice. We will see you up there again very soon!
We told New Talisman Gold Mines to “unlock the gate”and give conservation land back to the public. Mining has no place on Mt Karangahake.

One thought on “Protest walk to the locked gate

  1. We the people are rising up out of the ashes of the trashers…..may we get stronger….may more join us….may we stand together in protection of Aotearoa….Mother Earth….for the elements….earth, air, water,….but not fighting fire with fire just speaking our truth with Aroha love from deep in our hearts….Community gathering community….may the unconscious wake up now for this makes no sense….may we all work together for whats important….bring your words, your songs, your prayers, your beating hearts….Kia Kaha Rainbow Tribe….loads of love and magic to us all…


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