On Tuesday a group of our members took direct action (peaceful of course) against a drilling rig that was spotted only 200 meters from the edge of the DoC estate, on the south western side of Mt Karangahake. We took this opportunity today to send a clear message, to not only Newcrest, but also all the other mining companies in the area that we are still strong, committed and passionate about saving our environment from the toxic gold mining industry.
This exploratory drilling is funded by Newcrest Mining Limited and is located on a permit area owned by another Australian company Laneway Resources. Although on private land, this sampling is perilously close to the best preserved part of the Karangahake ecosystem, and has the potential to sabotage efforts to regenerate and reinvigorate this important ecologically corridor.
Some of our members in Dickey Flat spotted the drill rig and are also feeling and hearing it’s presence day and night – so imagine what the neighbouring wildlife in the conservation park are experiencing!
We realise that letting them sample is the start of a slippery slope, potentially leading to full scale mining and all the contamination and degradation to the environment, which that brings. We are proactive, we need to object at the start of the process and we need to be clear about our concerns.
What else can you do to help?
Please spread the word by visiting our Facebook page and sharing the recent posts about our protest.
Send an email to Newcrest (info@newcrest.co.nz) directly expressing your concern that they are investing in an exploration in our area.
Finally well done to all those who trekked for over two hours to stop a drilling rig, a brilliant effort and just the boost we needed to once again highlight our concerns for our Mountain and our waters.

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